Individual Report

Inclusion Competencies Inventory: Individual Report

Builds a report that interprets an individual's ICI scores. You invite participants to take the survey and Mind Garden’s Transform™ system generates their reports.

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Fulfilled by Mind Garden, Inc.
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The respondents will receive a feedback report that is an easy-to-understand, comprehensive self-development workbook that includes the tools needed to create a personal development plan and serves as a catalyst for individual and organizational growth and transformation.

Mind Garden fulfills the ICI for the Kozai Group. If you are currently a Mind Garden customer, use the same email address in the shopping cart as you use for your Mind Garden account.

Upon purchase of an ICI Individual Report, you will receive an email from which includes a login link to your Mind Garden Transform account where you will administer the ICI survey via a campaign. Follow the steps to create the campaign, set the campaign options, invite your participants to complete the survey, and monitor their progress. Upon a participant's completion of the survey, their ICI Individual Report is automatically generated and released at your discretion.

Aggregate Report Optionally, an ICI Aggregate Report - which calculates and summarizes scores for a group of participants - can be generated from the data collected from the ICI Individual Reports. Requires the purchase at no cost of an ICI Aggregate Report license. Order one Aggregate Report for each campaign. For example, if you are doing pre and post campaigns for a class or workshop you should order two Aggregate Reports. Note that for comparison between campaigns, the same people should be in both campaigns, if not, contact Mind Garden for assistance:, 650-322-6300. To order ICI Aggregate Reports go to ICI Aggregate Report

Alternative Report Type - Report About Me If you want an ICI report for yourself only, purchase a ICI Report About Me

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